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No other small firm can match our experience in Central Massachusetts.

Personalized Service

We have the experience of big firms, but offer the the personalized service that only a small firm can provide.
About us

Helping clients in Central Massachusetts achieve better outcomes for more than 20 years

Doucette & Associates has been offering legal services in Massachusetts since 2003. Established with the goal of combining the type of quality legal advice normally associated with larger law firms with the personalized attention that only a small firm can provide, Doucette & Associates has established itself as one of the premier small law firms in central Massachusetts.

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Unmatched experience

Family Law

Doucette & Associates has delivered positive outcomes for Family Law clients in Massachusetts since 2000.

Personal Injury

Our inside experience with big corporations is the basis for getting them to understand the value of your case.


Doucette & Associates has proudly offered superior litigation services to its clients since it was established in 2003.

Utility Law

Doucette & Associates has over 40 years of experience with utilities, OSHA, and union negotiation.
Doucette & Associates is

Proudly veteran owned

Steve Doucette retired as Lieutenant Commander from the United States Navy’s Judge Advocate General Corps in 1990.

At Doucette & Associates we realize that most of our clients in Massachusetts and Rhode Island come to a lawyer because they need to, not because they want to.  We believe in helping people with straight forward legal advice.  Steve Doucette started his legal career in the Navy, and his military experience created the foundation of the firm’s approach to its clients:

Honesty, Integrity and Respect.

We know that for most of our clients, this is the first time they have been involved in the legal system, and understanding the process is very important.  We promise to talk with you – not at you.  We see you not only as a client, but also as a partner.  You will be involved in every key decision as your case evolves.  We will give you our honest opinion of your case, because no one benefits from anything less than the truth.

We also recognize that hiring a lawyer is an expense that is not in most people’s budget.  The reality is that the legal process costs money, but we work with our clients to make their legal expenses manageable.  Steve Doucette brings over 30 years of experience representing Fortune 500 companies to your personal case. So, with Doucette & Associates, you get large law firm experience at a value that only a small law firm can provide.  We are sleek and efficient, which allows us to be a good economic option.  If you’re looking for a law firm that will work hard for you and treat you with respect, but won’t break the bank, we’re your choice.