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Family Law Client

Deanna Annis

When I had my first consultation with Steve, I had been embroiled in a very complicated divorce for a year and a half. My prior attorney had just asked to be released from representing me, claiming that I was “unreasonable” because I would not accept a very unreasonable offer of settlement that had been presented to me. I was shocked and distraught to be left to figure out what was my next step; it was then that I found Steve.

From the moment I met with him, he brought me a calming sense of confidence. He was understanding, compassionate, and clearly had a high level of competence. I immediately felt a huge sense of relief and hope. He patiently listened to my, often emotional, relaying of the facts of the divorce, which were devastatingly tragic, involving dementia, abduction, and a clear case of elder abuse. Steve helped me to see, given the unusual circumstances, that a settlement was the best option, but one that was fair.

Within three weeks of his representation of me, I received an offer 3 times what my prior attorney had been pushing me to accept. I am so deeply grateful for and indebted to Steve’s absolute integrity, compassion, and knowledge.

I highly recommend him, and in fact, I feel like he saved my life.

Commercial Client

O'Leary Welding Corporation

I highly recommend Steve and his team at Doucette & Associates as great people and great counsel. They do many things but we recently used them for a commercial construction related issue and they were able to get it settled quick and painlessly – without the cost and headaches of going to trial. They make it their business to understand your issues, lay out the options and act accordingly. It’s all about efficiency and Steve gets it. There is no endless billing without any real progress like other firms we have used.

Steve gets results!

Ed O’Leary, President
O’Leary Welding Corporation

Divorce Client

Kevin M.

When I first met Steve I was struck how quickly he grasped all the complicated facts and became a calming influence on the process. As a Dad I was backed into a corner by my ex and opposing council, while Steve never lost sight of what we were fighting for-the health and safety of my children! Until now I have never encountered an attorney who returns calls, goes to court prepared, well rehearsed and respected by the court.

Due largely to his efforts I have custody of my three children! Dad’s and their Children can prevail in Family Court!

Family Law Client

Jason C

Strategic, creative and formidable were characteristics in an attorney I desired for my divorce and custody case. Steve Doucette exceeded all of these expectations for my very complicated situation.

My particular case not only involved divorce but securing custody of my three children on a permanent basis. In the state of Massachusetts, it is very difficult for a father to get custody of minor children, regardless of facts of abuse, neglect and ability to care for children.

As the divorce proceedings began, Steve provided excellent guidance as to what documentation, support (GAL) and strategy he would deploy to ensure I was granted custody of my children. His network of colleagues and knowledge of the Massachusetts Laws and Justice System is extensive.

My case went to a trial, and I was awarded custody of my three children, all under the age of 16. Approximately 3 years later, Steve again provided superior guidance with regard to moving my minor child out of state. This was a challenge, given the minor child was only 9 years old. I had never heard of parent (let alone a father) being granted custody and the ability to move with the young child 2,000 miles from the biological parent.

Steve took action immediately once we discussed the need to move out of state. Research, preparation, (again support from a GAL) and ruthless perseverance and negotiation successfully led to a positive agreement being reached. I not only received full custody as part of this move, he also helped me further protect the child from his abusive biological mother. For individuals who feel their particular civil case is not worth pursuing or they will not achieve desired results, I would highly recommend Steve Doucette. Aside from the attributes I note above, he is a wonderful, caring attorney who has compassion for complex situations such as mine.

I will never be able to express enough thanks to Steve for everything he did to support my family and I over the past 6 years.

Divorce Client

Harry H

It is unfortunate, but sometimes life results in the need of a divorce. Leaving a long time partner is not an easy thing to do. There are numerous issues that complicate the finalization of the divorce process. For me specifically, I wanted to make sure that my ex received everything that she was entitled to by law, while still ensuring that I was protected from myself; by that I mean that I had a guilt complex associated with the divorce and was prone to compensate for that by being too financially generous.

During our initial meeting (an interview if you will) Steve stated that, by law, my ex-wife is entitled to a percentage of everything we have achieved in our time together. He also stated that I am entitled to that same percentage, by law, and it is his goal to try to ensure that things are divided equally. However, he also informed me that if it was my intention to try to divide things more in my favor, perhaps I should seek another lawyer. This was exactly the approach I wanted to go, and we were able to achieve that end result. To be honest, I came into this whole thing with a low opinion of lawyers, generally. However, after working with Steve and seeing the overall results upon conclusion of my specific divorce, I can honestly say that Steve accomplished what he said he was going to do in a professional manner. And, he showed me that some lawyers are honorable people who care about their clients.

In closing, if you are considering pursuing a divorce, I highly recommend Steve Doucette as your attorney.