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Jessica Dawn Lannon

Office Manager

Jessica originally worked for Steve Doucette as a paralegal with Doucette and LaRose, LLC, in 2007, and worked with the firm for 6 years.  In 2013, a once in a lifetime opportunity arose for Jessica to move to Costa Rica to become a boss herself, managing beachfront condominium rentals with her company Blue Beach Property Management.  In 2018, Jessica decided to expand her business, branching out of solely property management, by creating a new company called Jess of All Trades.  Jessica personally assists people with odd jobs such as dog sitting, deck refinishing, event planning, and more. While still running both BBPM and JOATS, in 2019 Jessica decided it was time to return to her family and life back in Massachusetts.  In 2020, the position of Office Manager opened at Doucette and Associates, and Jessica jumped at the chance to be part of Steve Doucette’s team once again. A happy reunion for all.

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Doucette & Associates has delivered positive outcomes for Family Law clients in Massachusetts since 2000.

Personal Injury

Our inside experience with big corporations is the basis for getting them to understand the value of your case.


Doucette & Associates has proudly offered superior litigation services to its clients since it was established in 2003.

Utility Law

Doucette & Associates has over 40 years of experience with utilities, OSHA, and union negotiation.